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Love to write code and discuss technology | If you explain others is simple words it means you know it very well
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

In the last 4 - 5 years, mobiles became the primary source to surf the internet. Many companies have shut down their website and launched their mobile app but if we talk about using an app on mobile, people always prefer to download an app from the play store or apple store instead of opening the website on mobile.

The user never wants to engross themselves in the tedious procedure, for example, the user wants to order a meal then he will order it directly from the app instead of using…

CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, it’s a mechanism that allow browser to access the content of other websites on their website. It adds security as it do not allow to access the content without the consent of author.

GoLang is a static type language where any variable must have a data type so that compiler knows its type that whether data will be stored in integer, string, float, etc. format. But in some cases, we are unaware of data type in that case interface comes into picture.

Interface defines behaviour of data and can be used to store data of any type.

var i interface{}
var count int = 5
i = count
i = "Hello World!!"

Interface stores two things, data and its type. Below is…

What is a Proxy Server?

Proxy means someone has the power or authority to do something for someone else or pretends to be someone else. Let us see this with a simple example, if you are living with Bob and currently he is not at home and you are alone and suppose the phone rang and you picked up the call and caller said, “Hi, this is Martin, may I speak to Bob”. As Bob was not at home so you pretended to be Bob and had a discussion with caller on behalf of Bob. …

You must have used chrome extension many times in your life. Have you ever wonder how these extensions can be created, No? Well, it’s not like you have to learn a new programing language or a tool.

Having a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT is like a cherry on the cake to create this extension.

Let’s see file structure first

Computer understands only two things 0 and 1 and all programming languages know how to show these 0 and 1’s in a monitor sometimes as numeric, alphabets or some special symbols because of their type. Defining variable explicitly tell compiler its type whether we will store integer, string, float in it and when we get a value from a particular variable then the program take it from memory in the form of 0 and 1’s and then based on its type, it converts that 0 and 1s in that type and gives output.

var age int;age = 26


The user-defined data type is the most important quality of any programming language through which we can define our data type. Go is not being novel here. Lots of languages do that, so there are some important things I want to share. I am not gonna tell you what is a user-defined data type but I will explain how it manages in Go.

Let’s see the syntax of user-defined data type in Go.

type Employee struct {
ID int
Name string
Age int16
Gender string
Active bool

System defined type occupied some space in memory like below (Assume we…

Before GO 1.11 version, there were no official package manager of golang but there were a lot of CLI introduced by the open source community to manage go packages like dep, glide, etc

In 1.11 version, Go introduced their official package manager Go Module.

Previously Google was thinking of some other name like version go (vgo) and then later they all agreed with go module. Firstly understand what is module?

Suppose we have go project which has path `` and we are importing many packages like

import (

Packages are divided into three…

In any programming language to implement a server, we need two important things: Port and routes.

If you ever encountered the implementation of the HTTP server in golang, you must have faced the ListenAndServe() function. It accepts two parameters 1. Port with a colon like (:8023) and 2. An object of a user-defined type. Sometimes we pass nil as a second parameter and sometimes we pass some parameter why is that so, Any idea?

To know this concept we need to understand 3 terms

  • Handler
  • Handle
  • HandleFunc

Before moving ahead, we should know the concept of interface. …

Drupal 8 is here and everyone is excited about it. There are too many features and add-ons to explore. However, this one focusses only on overlay/popup i.e. provide a simple and easy implementation. With this blog, I aim to explain the basic implementation of how to create a popup of your own.

Before learning to implement popup, let us briefly go through the Drupal 8 routing system.

If you already know about the routing system, you can skip this section and if you don’t I assume you still know at least the basics of Drupal 8. I have a page…

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