Love to write code and discuss technology | If you explain others is simple words it means you know it very well

CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, it’s a mechanism that allow browser to access the content of other websites on their website. It adds security as it do not allow to access the content without the consent of author.

You must have used chrome extension many times in your life. Have you ever wonder how these extensions can be created, No? Well, it’s not like you have to learn a new programing language or a tool.

Having a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT is like a cherry on…

Computer understands only two things 0 and 1 and all programming languages know how to show these 0 and 1’s in a monitor sometimes as numeric, alphabets or some special symbols because of their type. Defining variable explicitly tell compiler its type whether we will store integer, string, float in…

Before GO 1.11 version, there were no official package manager of golang but there were a lot of CLI introduced by the open source community to manage go packages like dep, glide, etc

In 1.11 version, Go introduced their official package manager Go Module.

Previously Google was thinking of…

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